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Mentor Minutes,
October 02, 2022

Solving Problems

I was thinking about problem-solving.

In life as in business, issues come up every single day. Some big, others not so big — either way you need to address them.

The first thing is to define what the issue is. Notice I never call it a problem. We don’t have problems, only solutions.

I’d strongly recommend you use this strategy. It’s only a minor change in your psyche, but an enormous change in how you get an outcome.

First, identify the issue. To do this, get a sheet of paper, or a clean page on your tablet and use your pencil then clearly outline the issue.

Write until you have everything out on paper. It has to be handwritten. Do not type it out. Write everything you can think of pertaining to the issue until you feel you have it all down.

The devil is in the detail.

Next, itemize each part of the issue. Number them if you like.

Now the fun part starts.

On a clean page, take each number separately and write a solution.

Take as long as you like.

Write a word, a sentence, a couple of paragraphs or a page if you have to. Write until you have clearly covered every point.

Rinse and repeat.

Usually, before you have finished all the numbered items, you have a clear idea of what your solution is.

If this doesn’t work, then maybe you need to seek outside help. Maybe a mentor :)

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