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Mentor Minutes, Issue #001 -- poem
September 08, 2022

The Winning Ticket

Over the years, Bob built his trade knowledge into a business. As a one-man self operator, he worked his guts out after buying a rundown business.

Bob did everything. He knocked on doors to sell his services. Bob did everything to move the business forward. He never saw it as hard work. He loved what he was doing. He operated the machinery, cleaned the workshop, did the accounts, organized sales, made the coffee and was the creative director. Bob worked day and night and weekends. He just loved what he was doing. To him it was not working. It was his passion. You name any part of his business and he was doing it. A one-man band.

He was the winning ticket.

As the business grew, he never splurged on anything apart from the business. He ploughed the profits back into the business continually buying machinery and slowly recruiting staff. Expanding.

He bought a commercial block of land, and over the years built a workshop. Then a warehouse, then an admin block. Continually adding value to the business assets.

After nearly 40 years, he reluctantly sold the business. Understand this - he only sold the business. He kept the real estate and rented it to the new owners.

Then about 7 years later he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. He sold the real estate assets.


Well, Bob never bought a lottery ticket in his life. His opinion was the odds were always too high for a chance to win big. No, Bob bought his own lottery and had the only ticket in the draw. Bob had the winning ticket. He won $11,000,000. It wasn't necessary for him to share it with other winners. He had the only ticket in the lottery. A lottery he built some 40 years ago. A lottery he grew, nurtured and raised it to a value of $11 million.

When you start your own business, and you love being in it, growing it, and nurturing it, over time it grows in to a huge windfall when your ticket gets drawn.

You could buy lottery tickets every week for 40 years and you would win nothing substantial. I’m sure you agree.

This is the story of my friend Bob. A true story. My pal who won $11,000,000 with the winning ticket in the lottery. The only ticket in the lottery. Work-Life-Balance.html

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