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September 30, 2023
Good Morning

Please enjoy the September 2023 NEWSLETTER

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The Power of A Customer

Hello there! Welcome to September 2023 newsletter about the amazing journey from a simple lead to a cherished customer.

I will explore each step and by the end, you’ll see just how important loyal customers are to a business.

From Lead to Prospect: The Art of Identification

Imagine a lead as a tiny seed.

It has enormous potential, but it needs some care to grow. That’s where the magic begins.

To turn a lead into a prospect (someone who might buy your stuff), we need to understand what they need and offer them proper solutions.

It’s like finding the perfect puzzle piece to complete the jigsaw.

Making the Sale Call and Crafting the Presentation:

Building a Bridge

Now, it’s time to build a bridge from being a prospect to becoming a lifelong friend.

We do this through phone calls, emails, Zoom calls or face to face meetings.

These moments are where friendships are created or never get started.

A good presentation isn’t just about presenting your stuff.

It’s about how your stuff can make someone’s life better.

Remember, it’s about listening and taking notes.

Listen twice as much as you speak.

Closing the Sale:


Sealing the Deal with Trust

Closing a sale isn’t just about selling your stuff; it’s about building trust.

A prospect becomes a client because they trust you.

They believe you.

You have a solution to their issues. Trust is the glue that holds a friendship together.

It’s the start of something beautiful.

From Client to Valued Customer:

Nurturing Loyalty

The journey doesn’t stop when the sale is done.

It’s only the beginning! Customers are super important.

They trust you with their time and money. In return, they deserve the best care and attention.

Plus, they can become your biggest fans and referer.

The Golden Egg:

Calculating the Value of Customer

Loyal customers are like golden eggs.

They’re super valuable, but it’s hard to put a number on it.


Because they bring in more business, tell others about you, and give you great ideas.

Their worth goes way beyond money.

Maintaining Meaningful Contact:

Quality Over Quantity

Customers are never excited when they receive too many emails from a business. It’s annoying!

So, how often should you talk to your customers?

The key is to send them stuff that’s useful, but not too often.

Think birthday wishes, updates, special offers and items that will interest them.

That’s the way to keep them happy.

Gestures of Gratitude:

Sincerity Speaks Volumes

Everybody loves to be appreciated. Customers are no different.

You can show your thanks by sending a simple ‘thank-you’ note or giving them sneak peeks of new stuff.

These gestures show that you’re not just saying “thanks”; you mean it from your heart.

Turning Customers into Lifelong Friends:

A Tale of True Connection

Let me share a heartwarming story.

Many years ago, I was given a lead to a guy called Mike. Mike’s business was selling business equipment.

This was over 45 years ago.

Mike bought what I was offering and he became a client, a customer.

We talked often, and discovered ways to help each other’s business.

Over time, Mike became more than just a customer; he became a friend.

We celebrated his successes and helped each other.

It wasn’t just business; it was a genuine friendship.

We played golf, we played tennis before work on occasions.

We had many lunches and dinners together and invited each other to special events where we had a common interest.

We had so much fun together and still do.

My point is, I still remember the day I picked up the phone to attempt to make an appointment.

The rest is history.

From a referral to a life-long friend. We still connect up almost every week. Magic.

In Conclusion:

The Power of a Lifelong Connection

In the world of business, one thing always stays the same: the power of friendship.

From the first meeting to becoming a loyal customer, each step in this journey is like building a bridge to success.

Remember, customers aren’t just transactions; they’re a part of your story.

They are your greatest business asset.

It is difficult to put an exact dollar value on a customer.

The value of the transaction and followup sales and services, yes, that is quantifiable. This is the golden egg.

What about the customer as a component of the value of you overall business.

This is the duck. Get it.

Amazing value.

Thank you for your continual support.

It is appreciated.

I look forward to helping you where I can.

As always, if you need help or advice on anything on business, drop me a line.

Until next month, GO YOU GOOD THING. Email me

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