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Mentor Minutes, Issue #001 -- poem
August 30, 2022

Work/Life Balance

Once upon a time, the boundaries between work and home were fairly clear. Today, work is likely to invade your personal life.

Understand, maintaining a work-life balance is not simple. Work and life are more intertwined than ever. Work at it.

Work is stressful and time-consuming and it will put a strain on your personal relationships and family life, especially if you work long hours. We all need time for our personal lives in order to be happy and fulfilled human beings.

Balancing these two aspects of life can be difficult, but there are ways to achieve it.

We live in a world where we’re expected to work longer hours and more days of the week.

The idea of work-life balance is not something that many people take seriously.

Some people believe you must choose between having a career or having a life outside of work.

They think if you want to be successful in your career, sacrifice everything else, including your family and friends.

This is not true at all!

Read my Page on Work/life balance.


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