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Mentor Minutes,
November 10, 2022


Schedules. Schedules. We all have them, some of our own making some made for us. What am I talking about? Well, when you start your business you need to have a schedule.

I’m calling it a schedule as against a process. The process will come later. The thing is you have a schedule without you even knowing it. Probably a morning schedule would be a good case in point. Forget about business for a moment and think back about what you did this morning.

You probably woke at about the same time as usual with or without the aid of an alarm. Then you got up did what you had to do in the bathroom and got in the shower. Then put on your make-up or shaved then dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast. Ate breakfast whilst reading your Facebook or tic-tok feeds. Maybe you caught up on some digital news grabs then it was off to work. You have just gone through your morning schedule. Probably without too much thought at all.

Now back to starting your own business. I want you to modify your schedule to the point it becomes as automated as your existing morning schedule.

It starts with discipline. Look if you not going to exercise a fair degree of discipline starting your business and expecting things to just happen then you are kidding yourself.

Starting a business a successful business needs discipline. Got it. Let’s move on. What do successful entrepreneurs and highly successful business owners have in common?

Well, they have a mentor, but I won’t harp on this now. Successful entrepreneurs and highly successful business owners get up early. They put aside time to meditate. They do morning pages. They exercise daily. They eat healthily. They create energy around them.

Are you getting it? Now sit down somewhere quiet and get a notebook out and write down your new morning schedule thinking like a business man or woman.

Remember it comes with a good dose of discipline. This is not a goal-setting exercise. This is life-changing stuff it can be the difference between kicking a business into shape or struggling, failing and eventually giving up your dreams.

Give this the time it deserves. There is no wrong or right way to do this. It has to be your way. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Perfection is not what we are looking for here. Just do it.

You can always modify it later and you will as things take shape and other business pressures impact your schedule. So once you‘ve settled on your schedule start at once. It will be hard at first but everything is hard before it gets easy, right?

As you move forward it will become a habit. Trust me on this. It will become a habit and a mighty good habit.

Now for some home truths. You will be diverted from time to time. Don’t get too upset. Ge back into the schedule as soon as you can. This is what’s called, “life gets in the way”. And it will, guaranteed. Be aware and move back to your schedule as soon as possible.

Your schedule can be as simple or elaborate as you make it. Remember it is your schedule.

Get help if you need it. I’m sure you will be fine. There is more to scheduling than this but I‘ll leave it till we move into the process. The process is just a schedule with a lot more moving parts.

Don’t get sucked into dragging other entities into your schedule. This is your schedule no one else's but yours. Guard it.

This is a basic function of a clear path forward when starting your business. When things get a bit confusing, and overwhelming get yourself back to the basics. Check your schedule. Right about now you are thinking, is this so important? I tell you it is IMPORTANT.

Until next time.

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