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Mentor Minutes, March Newsletter
March 01, 2024
Good Morning

March 2024 Newsletter

My latest addition to

"How To Know It Is Time To Quit My Job"

by Ive Hadinuff


Reading Time 2.5 minutes

It is a story portrayed by a fictitious author of my imagination, Ive Hadinuff

The intent is to identify the subtle yet undeniable signs indicating it might be time to quit your job.

In the content I highlight the importance of recognizing these signals and embracing change, leading to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

The story goes on to describe the gradual realization that your current job has become unbearable.

The repetitive nature of tasks, the loss of passion and challenges, feelings of discontentment and angst are subtle indicators - it might be time to move on.

The story emphasizes acknowledging these signs and accepting the need for change is crucial. One crucial aspect of a fulfilling job is the relationships within the workplace.

The story highlights when these connections start to wither and tension replaces camaraderie, it signifies the job may be toxic.

It further stresses that a job should be a compass that guides personal and professional achievement, but when it leads to a maze of uncertainty, it no longer serves its purpose.

The content encourages self-reflection, emphasizing the importance of recognizing moments of clarity and the need for change.

Furthermore, it underlines choosing to quit is not a defeat but a courageous step towards authenticity and personal happiness.

Leaving behind the echoes of discontent allows you to rediscover your passion and forge a new path aligned with your true self.

If you have read my, “about me” page you will know I’m coming from personal experience. Quitting my job and starting a business proved to be a transformative decision.


Although I faced uncertainties and challenges, I never looked back and have had an amazing life as a result.

This page of content encourages you to take control of your destiny.

Remaining in an unsatisfying job can lead to an unfulfilled life.

I urge you to at least think about making a change while there is still time, highlighting the fact life is too short to settle for a job that brings dissatisfaction.

By deciding to quit, you have the opportunity to create a vibrant and fulfilling future.

Overall, the article effectively expresses what the signs and feelings are that indicate - it might be time to quit a job.

It provides a compelling argument for taking control of your happiness and well-being, inspiring you to consider your situation and take the necessary steps towards a more fulfilling career.

As always I request you get advice from someone who has experience.

This is where you start.

Email me.

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