Everybody has somebody

Everybody has somebody. The top 1% have a tremendous natural talent. However, there is more to getting to the top than talent. It takes mental toughness and powerful focus.

Everybody who is anybody has somebody

A coach can’t do this. Yes, they touch on it, but it is left to a psych coach. The mad professor. This guy needs to be trustworthy and authentic and understand the mental fitness of the client. When there is the right fit, they are an investment you can bank on. Everybody has somebody.

What about business?

What about business? What about starting your businessWho do you turn to for mental toughness and a person to trust? You turn to your mentor. Your someone

In the following pages, I will attempt to put this into some sort of clarity. 

As a matter of interest, look at these champions and consider where they started and what champions they became.

How champions got to become champions

Everybody has somebody. Ever thought about how champions got to become champions?

Think about - Oprah, Obama, Hanks, Chris Evert, De Niro, Pacino, Jordan, Ali, LeBron, Federer and on and on. Everybody who is anybody has somebody.

Take Chris Evert as an example. How good was she? 

Look at these stats: 

Singles — 90% success rate!

Career titles — 157!

Grand Slam Singles — 18!

Grand Slam Doubles — 7.

What summed up her attitude? 

Chris Evert held the No. 1 spot for 260 weeks. She won 18 singles, Majors, during her career, which is the fifth-best in women’s history. She won the second-most singles title in history (157), just 10 behind Martina Navratilova, and was the first woman to cross the 150 mark.

tennis raquetChris Evert mastered the tennis racket ;-)

Chris Evert’s somebody was her friend Billie Jean King. They documented Chris Evert as saying, “She couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and friend”.

Another Quote from the great Chris Evert is, “Sometimes deep down inside I wanted to win so badly I could actually will it to happen. I think I have based most of my career on desire.”

Desire and the ability to make every post a winner.

A most powerful quote

There is a quote I learnt so long ago and I probably think of it at least once a week.

“You are where you are and what you are by the dominating thoughts that occupy your mind”.

If you want a takeaway from this to use in your life and when starting your business. Look no further than this sentence. It is a checkpoint to see where the issues lie. A positive attitude checker.

Read this again. Think about it

Do you think the great Chris Evert ever went on to the court thinking, “I’m a loser,” “I am outclassed here,” “I’m not up for this,” “I don’t think I can win this” 

Are you kidding? The dominating thoughts, I’m sure, would have been the complete opposite.

So, what needs to change?

Change your mind, change your life.

Of course, it’s not that easy and I‘m the first to recognize this and let you know everyone can’t be a great sports-person like Chris Evert or Muhammed Ali or Tiger Woods.

golf clubsNo golf champion can play with out these :)

Of course, it’s not that easy and I‘m the first to recognize this and let you know everyone can’t be a great sportsperson like Chris Evert or a Muhammed Ali or Tiger Woods.

But they all started somewhere with the guidance of a mentor. Everybody has somebody.

Everybody has somebody

Oprah, Obama, Hanks, De Niro, Pacino, Jordan, LeBron, Evert, Federer and on and on. They all have had or have a mentor from time to time. Everybody who is anybody has somebody.

Yes, all the above had natural talent, probably a massive amount of natural talent. 

But they all started somewhere. Someone moved them in the right direction. Someone changed their mindset, and they convinced them to believe they could be the greatest. At least better than they were. The rest is history.

There are many people, millions of people you’ve never heard of, that have done amazing things with their life. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Why can’t you?

You are where you are and what you are by the dominating thoughts that occupy your mind. 

Just write this down and think about it. Read it over and over for the next 7 days. 

Remember: Change your mind, change your life.

Get yourself a mentor

Honestly, get yourself a mentor. If you are ready to start your business, grab yourself a mentor sooner rather than later. Love it to be me. But it is critical to get someone. I’m not talking about a coach. I’m saying a mentor. Someone that can guide you on demand. Someone with loads of experience. Everybody who is anybody has somebody.

I have witnessed this first-hand. When I started my business way back, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a mentor who was kind enough to guide me through the pain and problems of starting my business. My mentor was called John. Not only did he become my lifelong business mentor he became my lifelong friend. Today, he is struggling with health issues that come with age. His mind, although a little slower is still as sharp as a tack. I don’t see him as often as I probably should, but we are in contact at least every couple of months.

When I first met John, I didn’t see him as a mentor. I probably didn’t know what a mentor was. He was my business manager. He taught me the power of record-keeping. How to prospect for quality leads. How to present. How to sell and how to close the sale. He taught me the power of the pause. The silent pressure on the prospect to commit. He taught me how to get referrals from happy clients. But the most valuable lesson was:

istockphoto-1313904539-170667a.jpegThe Great John

“You are where you are and what you are by the dominating thoughts that occupy your mind”.

He mentored me in my mindset. The most valuable commodity you have. If you don’t have this, get a job because it will not work. Do not waste more time and money.

He was persistently pushing me to grow to improve to learn. Continually working with me to strengthen my resolve. He taught me the philosophy of the meaning of: ‘Nothing happens until a sale is made’. 

If you get this and understand it, you will reduce the chances of failing in your business by half.

He taught me the fun of running a business and the need to stop and smell the roses. Like only a mentor can. A mentor who has been there having done that. John was not only my mentor he was my anchor. He made damn sure my feet were firmly planted on the ground. He never let me get ahead of myself. Never let me get too big for my boots. 

I learnt so much from him I can’t tell you. On this website, you will glean other pearls of wisdom according to John.

The reason for this website is to pay it forward. I did well during my 30-odd years in business. I am delighted to help you start your business no matter what it is. Business is business.

If not me, it’s OK, but get yourself a mentor.

Get yourself a mentor who understands business and has a wealth of experience. Someone you can confide in and someone that is not close. No family members or friends. This is a golden rule. Search, be observant be alert to the surrounding opportunities. Keep your ear to the ground. You will find someone. Let’s hope it’s a ‘John’.


So there you have it, my friend.  

“everybody who is anybody has somebody”.

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