When You Should Change Your Job

Being stuck in a job you hate can feel like a prison sentence. But have you ever thought about when you should change your job?

It’s scary. Change always is. Sometimes, change can lead to a whole new opportunity, a new adventure or a new, fulfilling career path. Sound good?

anxious manIt is scary, but once you've made the decision. Move on. It's often the best decision you ever made.


14 reasons to know when you should change your job

1. You’re unhappy.

You spend over half of your waking hours at work. If you dread that 50%, then it’s a sign, something is not right. 

Seek happiness. 

Life is too short to be spent in misery.

not happy womanLife is short. Get on with it. Change your job or change your attitude.

2. No personal growth

Consider quitting if you’re not growing anymore. You’ve hit your ceiling and there’s nowhere else to go in the company. 

Evolve. Every job should foster growth and development

If you’re not growing, it’s time to move on.

pensive womanIf you ever have to think, "Is it time to move on?" IT IS!

3. Undervalued

Everyone wants to feel respected and valued. 

If your skills aren’t appreciated, find a place where they will be.

exhausted black manIf you are intimidated, bullied or made to feel inadequate. Leave. Get another job. Start your own business.

4. Chronic stress

Please watch this. Chronic workplace stress can damage both your physical and mental well-being. 

Your health is your primary concern. When a job is causing you harm, it’s time to quit. Get out while you can.

woman with chronic stressThe workplace stress environment is never a good place to be. Not for you, or the loved ones around you. Get out for health's sake.

5. Work-life balance

When work-life balance is out of sync or non-existent, say adios to your current job. You must live your life, not just work to live. Get balance in your life. Take back control.

happy black womanMake work a part of your life of course. Make it conducive to your life. Keep your eye on the work-life balance always.

6. Contribution

When your ideas aren’t considered. When you’re not heard. 

It’s only natural you want your ideas to contribute to the company’s progress. If yours are overlooked regularly, consider looking afar to where they are appreciated. Get another job.

woman not being heardDo not be invisible. Speak up or get out. This will eat you up. Everyone needs recognition for their input.

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7. Belief

If you don’t believe in the company’s mission or values, it’s a good indicator of when you should change your job.

Maintain your integrity. 

You need to align with your company’s values to feel satisfied with your job.

integrityNever compromise your integrity. This is not negotiable. Maintain your value. When they get out of sync with your job. Is's time to leave. Stay true to your beliefs.

8. In it for the paycheck

I get it. If you are in it for the money, it better be a greater motivator than hating what you are doing.

If not, you’re never going to enjoy the work. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re just wasting your time and energy. This is soul-destroying.

money in handIf you're working for the money. Good. Make sure it's what you want. Money is not a job security. Be prepared to walk when the workload increases or the wage freeze happens.

9. Ambition

If your job doesn’t align with your long-term career plans. Get out before it’s too late. The world is littered with could-a-be’s and would-a-be’s, all because they didn’t take the opportunities when presented.

If it’s not a stepping stone to your next level, move. Create your destiny.

stepping stones over waterKeep your career goals permanently in your mind. Look for opportunities. If they are not forthcoming, change to where they are. Don't compromise your life goals.

10. Serenity

When you are in a toxic work environment, it is not nice. This is one of the worst positions to be in. This environment will eat you up faster than a lion after Ramadan. 

No one needs drama at their workplace. Get out ASAP.

LionBe the king. Lead the way. Do not stay in a toxic workplace. It will eat you up.

11. Underpaid

You deserve equitable compensation for your dedication and effort. A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. If not, why not? Do not settle for anything else.

money exchanging handsFair days work for a fair day's pay. Don't settle for anything else.

12. Recognition

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their hard work. If your contributions go unnoticed over time, then maybe you should change your job to where you are appreciated. Be needed. Everyone wants to belong.

woman being appreciatedIt is great to be recognized for the quality of work and service to the business. Don't let these moments go unnoticed. Nurture them.

13. Security

If the company is financially unstable, then you need to sit up and take notice. Consider what would happen if you didn’t get paid for the next few months. Keep an eye on this. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Do not build your future on shaky ground.

woman looking anxious at computerKeep your ears and eyes open. Stay in tune with the economics of the business. Stay on top of the security of your job. Followup rumours. Where there is smoke there is often fire. Stay alert.

14. Foresight

If the thought of staying in your job, another year fills you with dread, 

This is the time when you should change your job. It’s time to start looking elsewhere.

woman filled with dreadNever stay in a job you hate. Get out. There are always opportunities. Remember when one door closes another opens. Find it. Don't look back.

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visualizing 2You are in control. Plan, visualize and build your life how you want it. There's a future waiting for you to take on your terms.

If you hate your job, you should change your job.

Above I have listed 14 reasons why you should change your job and when you should change your job.

These are in no order of priority.


My point in writing this page is to hope a few of these reasons resonated with you. 

Don’t let things fester into insurmountable problems. Work on the solution. 

Within this website, you have everything you need to create, plan, visualize, build, and give yourself and your family security and hope. Don’t blow it by waiting at a job you hate. 

Get help. Use the "ask your question" box. I will get back to you.

Seize the day. Don’t look back. This could be the best decision you ever make.

What’s the next step? Take a deep breath and evolve. Consider what you’d love to do and start making plans.

Quick story to end with - Matt, a client of mine years ago came to me in the depths of despair. Stuck in a job he hated, underappreciated, and overworked. Matt laid it out bare. He’d had enough. 

With a few quiet sessions, he decided to quit his job and take the plunge. 

He turned his natural ability for carpentry into a business, and he’s never been happier. He is the epitome of turning his frustration into prosperity. Matt says often it was a frightening decision at the time, but the best decision he ever made.

Let’s end on a hopeful note. It’s your life and you’re the director. 

If you’re unhappy with the current script, change it. 

You deserve to find joy, purpose, and prosperity in your work. 

Do what you love to do.

Take that step towards change. 

You’re only here once. 

Make the most of it. 

You’re dead a long time.

You’ve got this.

Go you good thing.

The world is waiting for you.

Experience isn't the best teacher, experience is the only teacher.

cliff climber

Confidence comes from experience