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 How To start A business

Start a business and don't know what to do?

I have good news, you have found the right place. Welcome to MENTORAUS

If you’re planning on starting a business, you need to know how. How to start a business. You need to know this right upfront.

Starting your own business can feel overwhelming…

What will I do if it doesn’t work?

Where do I get great business ideas?

How much capital will I need?

Can I handle the stress of running a business?

Do I need a coach or a mentor and what’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Is my personal development and personal growth at a point to start a business? 

Where do I find growth strategies to start a business?

How will I survive?

Don’t worry. Everything is hard before it is easy. (Remember, this line)

Everything is hard before it gets easy (Eh, WRITE IT DOWN, AND READ IT BACK OFTEN).

It can be so rewarding, life changing, in fact. Even fun - and we can do it together.

You know you’re in the right place if…

  • You hate your job. You know over 90% of the workforce on the planet does not get any thrill of getting out of bed every morning and heading off to work.
  • You’re underpaid. There is very little control over this. You’re at the mercy of the economics of the business.
  • You lack purpose. This can be a killer.
  • You’re frustrated with the lack of opportunities your job offers.
  • You want to do your own thing. The thought of how to start your business and control your own destiny excites you. 
  • You think about the future of your family. Human instinct.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is gold.
  • You have been thinking about this for some time. It’s time. There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.
  • You don’t know where to start…… but you have a dream. Hello, welcome to Mentoraus.


I’m happy and excited right along with you. I’ve got your back, you have come to the right place. Welcome to MENTORAUS.

Here’s what you’ll find on the inside:

  • How to start your business
  • How to materialize your “business ideas
  • How to develop processes, and learn about the power and purpose of the process.
  • Know the difference between coaching and mentoring.
  • How to manage business growth.
  • How to speed up business growth.
  • How to handle business stress.
  • Personal growth and personal development processes.
  • Time management skills.

You will quickly learn if you are ready to start your business.

I will mentor you in a step-by-step process in developing the mindset needed to start your business and create a profitable business. 

What you will not find is sign-up fees, subscription fees, or any other devious fees and charges. So just sit back, relax and accept Mentoraus is genuine and loves to help. There are optional aids that are available to purchase at your discretion. These help offset the ongoing website fees and charges. 

Remember what I said, “Everything is hard before it gets easy” To reinforce this, I want you to think back to the time you learnt to ride a bike. Hard, eh? Now you can do it easily.

We will never put the cart before the horse. I say we, because this is a journey, I will be here with you whenever you need someone to call on. Someone to listen. Someone who has been there done it. Someone who would love to help you start your business.

Mentoraus is not an organization. Mentoraus is me. Your personal mentor. If you are ready to start your business and you like what you’re hearing, get on board if you don’t move on, nothing to see here, folks.

Still here? OK, bring it in tight,

This is what I will mentor you in.

The thing is it doesn’t matter what business you are thinking of or what business you have started. The fact is, business is business.

As the French say:

“Les affaires sont les affaires”

“Business is Business”

Yes, there are different businesses, but all businesses have the same elements.

  1. You need revenue
  2. You will have expenses
  3. You will have profit or loss.

It’s not rocket science.

What you want is truck loads of revenue. Not much expenses. And massive amounts of profit.

Like it so far?

Look, realistically it’s not this simple, but it’s not too hard. If you can follow instructions. Follow a recipe. You can change the odds of succeeding tremendously in your favour, over 90% of new starts fail in the first year. Fact. 

Let Mentoraus help you take the anxiety about how to start your business.

If you found this page and read down so far, you are more than 

interested in getting a mentor to help to start your business and help grow your business. Help you in personal growth and personal development.

It’s only a matter of your level of commitment and capital.

Ok, there it is.


Yep, this means money!!!

Let’s discuss this in more detail.

If you have very little capital, no big deal. Obviously, the more the better. More capital only makes things happen quicker. Now, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

In my experience, if you have never started a business before, it’s a good thing to have little startup capital and start your business as a side hustle. What I’m saying is, don’t give up your day job. Not yet. Make this your hobby, see if this sucker flies. Test it, test it, test it. Tweak it, add to it, delete where needed. Move forward. Remember, every failure is a step closer to success. Work with us. Mentoraus will ease the stress of running a business.

If you are ready to take the plunge with ready capital, then go get ‘em. With both strategies, the plan is the same. What is different is the process. I’ll have more to say about this later. A lot more.

Over the years, I created a business from startup to maturity. Sold the business for seven figures and have been paying it forward since then.

When you start your business it is difficult, but I guarantee it is exciting.

It’s frustrating and fraught with failure. It can also be extremely rewarding, not just in a monetary sense. Thing is when you do your startup, when you start your business, it will be the best day and the worst day. It is what you make it. 

Now you can do it alone, no issue with this at all. Or you can get yourself a mentor. Me, I’d take the mentor path every day of the week because I know it works.

I am Mentoraus. I am applying for the job. 

I am not a coach, so to speak I have done business coaching with outstanding success. But I get my best results as a mentor.

The difference between coaching and mentoring is this. A coach is a sort of technique correction type of approach. Think of a swim coach. Golf coach. Basketball coach. Team coach. School subject coach. Whereas a mentor is a guide. Like a tour guide taking you to interesting places to show you the way. Tell you stories and listen to your needs. Suggest tweaks to your mindset. Tweaks to your processes. Tweaks to your record keeping and so on. Your mentor is your sounding board and confidant. Your mentor is your go to when things get tough. And they will get tough, I can guarantee it.

When I researched the business forums for business startups, there was a general theme I observed. Many contributors wished they had made use of a business mentor much earlier in the startups than they did. Says something doesn’t it?

Mentoraus has a wealth of experience.

Experience isn't the best teacher,
it's the only teacher

Confidence comes from experience