If you keep on saying it and saying it, it is not going to change a goddam thing. All it does is reinforce your belief. OK, I get it. You don't like your job. 

Stop it! 

Do something about it. 

Take control. 

Do something you love.

Woman hating herselfLoathing. :(

It’s time to transition, “From Loathing to Launching”.

Laughing happy womanLaunching. Spot the difference ;)

So you don't like your job.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Meet Bob, a 30-year-old, trapped between four walls of resentment. Like millions globally, Bob proclaims, “I DON’T LIKE MY JOB!” 

The office seems like a prison cell. 

The aircon is too cold. 

The break-room coffee tastes like lukewarm despair. 

In reality, Bob HATES his job.

You know what I’m talking about.

Then there’s Janet, another like Bob, stuck in the unpleasant cacophony of a job she does not enjoy. 

Weekly meetings are tedious, laced with anxiety and frustration. 

Employee benefits are a joke. 

The company’s culture is like a misfit jigsaw puzzle piece in her canvas of life.

Apologies for being so dramatic, but I see it every day. 

street survey"Excuse me, can I ask you if you like your job?". "Yes, you can ask, and the answer is NO I HATE MY JOB".

Ask 100 workers this question. “Do you like your job?”

Fifty per cent will respond, “I hate my job”.

Maybe they all started their jobs for stability. 

A seemingly interesting role with a promising future.

Things change. You change.

Now they are burnt out, bored, frustrated, angry and with a severe lack of purpose

Need I go on? 

You know who you are and how you feel. That’s why you’re here reading this. 

You’ve turned to Google to get some direction.

Your stability has become a toxic prison. 

Your passion has depleted. 

Your get up and go, has got up and gone.

Stay with me now, I assure you. There is hope.

Now is the time for you to do something about it. 

Time to Make a Decision

Taking the leapFrom Lowthing to Launching

It’s time to transition, “From Loathing to Launching”

It is time to go from frustration to fruition, from feeling trapped to feeling empowered.

No more procrastinating. Decide to take back your life. 

No more loathsome Sunday nights setting the alarm clock to wake you to another goddam Monday. To take the disdainful commute to a job you hate, to work colleagues you detest. 

It’s time to pivot my friend. Your moment is here. Do it.

woman sitting back taking notesGet a notepad out and start writing why, I Hate My Job.

Start writing - why - I Don't Like My Job

Get a notepad out and start writing.

Start with the heading “Why I don’t like my job” 

Write down in longhand. 

Do not type into a notes app. 

Write about what is genuinely bothering you.

Look inward. 

Search your deepest thoughts.  

Is it the workload? 

Is it unsatisfactory remuneration? 

Or perhaps a manager who’s more of a dominating control freak? 

Don’t stop until you have exhausted every little nuance. Even a little point can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg. Drill down.

Take a Walk

When you feel you have written all you can, take a walk. 

Yep, get up and go take a walk. 

Let it all seep in (or out). 

Now when you’re back, read your notes again. 

Add or delete what you think is or is not relevant.

This is the only way I know to find what truly bugs me. It will work for you as well. 

There is something magical and spiritual in this simple process.

Here is the Juicy Part

mindmapThis is a good place to start. Expand each segment according to your notes.

Take your time. This is where the rubber hits the road. 

I want you to do a mind map of where you are now and where you want to be. What do you hate about your job and what would be your ideal job that you would love to do?

Give it a timeline.

Don’t worry no one is going to hold you to this except you. This is a rough plan of action.

Is it a new role in the company? 

Is it a change of job completely? 

Is it time to take the leap and start your own business?

How do I know all this? 

Because I have been there twice before in my own life, I know firsthand what you are going through.

Know that over half the world’s workforce faces the same issues as you. Every single work day.

You Are Not Alone

My wish for you is to get help. 

Help from someone with experience, someone who has been there before. Someone who has guided numerous folks in the same situation over many years. Don’t waste any more of your life. Grab it. Seize the day. 

Get help now. It’s time. Life is short.

Reach out and grab it. 

This is your moment to grow.

Remember, experience isn’t the best teacher. It’s the only teacher.

istockphoto-1313904539-170667a.jpegI would have found it much harder and taken me longer without this guy. My Mentor John.

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Together, we can find a way forward. Build a path of confidence. Build your dream. Chunk it into small achievable goals. 

With my systems and processes, you will feel vibrant, elevated, and confident in making decisions that will change your life. 

Things Will Change

Control towerThe flight plan, among other details, lists alternate airports in case something unforeseen occurs. The same is true for you. There will be diversions.

Things will change over your journey they always do. 

When you have alternative plans, it is never an issue. 

When an airplane takes off to a planned destination, there are flight plans lodged with the local air traffic control. The flight plan, among other details, lists alternate airports in case something unforeseen occurs. The same is true for you. There will be diversions.  

Plans change over time for many reasons. Don’t sweat it. You have it under control.

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I Don't Like My Job then What Do You Like?

Using these processes you will come to understand what you don’t like about your job. 

When you strip away what you don’t like, it only leaves what you do like. 

It is this that drives you to act. 

This is the beginning of a grand plan.

It could be developing a new skill set or a new job, more aligned with the values and passion you uncovered in your notes.

What is your unique ability?

What comes easy to you that many guys struggle with? 

Work it out.

graduationWhen you’d done the work, gone to the classes, passed in your work, evaluated your assessment, researched and reviewed the subject again and again. You get the results. Go you good thing!

Do the Work - Get the Results

It’s always possible to learn new things and make a fresh start.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to launch a startup. Why not now? 

Brace yourself - because change is never easy. Doubts will creep in. It’s only natural when you are entering a new era or making a change in your life. 

With well-constructed systems and processes, you are prepared. 

It’s like when you were at school. 

When you’d done the work, gone to the classes, passed in your work, evaluated your assessment, researched and reviewed the subject again and again. 

Guess what - you are walking into that exam room with confidence. Maybe a little nervous, but that’s a good thing. You are on!

Make the Call

Take the time to search for a mentor, a guide who has trodden the path you’re about to embark on. 

Their experiences and wisdom can act as a lighthouse, guiding you through rough waters.

Having someone to call on is such an advantage.

If quitting your job is the way forward, do it. Make sure you’re prepared. It’s not the end of the world. 

I can tell you this: one day you will look back and say it was the best decision you ever made. 


Everyone is Different

man computer bedroomRemember Bob? He’s on his way to starting his e-commerce venture from his bedroom!

Remember Bob? He navigated his way through, leveraging his time, attending workshops, and learning a new skill set. Yes, it was tough. But guess what? He’s on his way to starting his e-commerce venture from his bedroom!

And Janet didn’t quit her job. She confronted her issues and spoke to her management about her dissatisfaction. Today, she’s successfully working remotely, balancing her work and passions. One happy little Janet.

woman with computer and a dog One happy little Janet.

You can mirror their journey. It’s important to analyze your potential paths and understand the pros and cons. Make an informed decision based on your priorities, be they your financial situation, passion, work-life balance, or commute time. Everyone is different. No one size fits all. You are unique.

Choose the Size that Fits YOU

Realistically, not everyone can quit and start over.

Perhaps you can bring about the change within. Try to negotiate a better role, a flexible work schedule, or growth opportunities.

Every job comes with its challenges.

The idea here is not to find a perfect job, but a perfect fit for YOU.

Your happiness, your satisfaction, and your work-life balance are what matters.

Finding your purpose is integral. Finding your unique ability is critical.

Find a cause that moves you and challenges you. 

Let your job be more than just a generic rat race filled with meaningless tasks. Change it.

Be the change. Make efforts to shift the culture at your workplace and create a motivational environment for yourself and others.

You’re not just an employee. Be a change-maker, a path-finder. Your journey from loathing your job to launching yourself is not only about you but can inspire many others.

You have a choice. Don’t be held hostage by the chains of dissatisfaction. Liberate yourself, and leap towards your dreams. Persistence, determination, and courage are your allies.


We might not have the perfect job, but we have the perfect canvas. 

It’s time. 

Are you ready to paint it with colors of satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose? 

Let’s shout out, “I LOVE MY JOB!” 

Today is the day.

Today is your day 

Are you ready?

The world is waiting for you.

Go you good thing!!!

Experience isn't the best teacher, experience is the only teacher.

cliff climber

Confidence comes from experience