How to make a Sale

Congratulations on taking the first step towards starting your own business! The journey of entrepreneurship is an exciting and rewarding one, and learning how to make a sale is a crucial skill that will drive your success

celebrating a victory Congratulations on taking the first step towards starting your own business

In this article, I will take you into the fundamentals of how to make a sale and provide you with practical guidance. 

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure of becoming a sales superstar!

Imagine this: you’ve just launched your business, armed with a fantastic product or service. Now, what if I told you that the fate of your entire venture hinges on a single act—the sale?

It’s true! Nothing happens until a sale is made.

But fear not, because, with the right mindset, knowledge, and guidance, you can master the art of making a sale and watch your business flourish.

Grow your business with a sound base of great clients.When you master the art of making a sale your business flourishes.

How to Make a Sale & the Impact of Using a Mentor

Unlocking Your Potential.

Every successful entrepreneur had a mentor who played a vital role in their journey. A mentor can provide invaluable guidance, share wisdom, and inspire you to push past your limits. 

Everybody has somebody.

They will be your confidant, teaching you how to make a sale while instilling confidence in your abilities. 

An experienced mentor will help you grow with each sale. You'll gain success and the ability to train others.

Process of how to make a sale

A Blueprint for Success

The sales process is a well-defined framework that, when followed, can lead to remarkable results. 

I will walk you through each step, from prospecting to closing the sale, ensuring you have a solid foundation. Understanding the sales process and sharpening your skills will give you the confidence and the skill to succeed in sales and business.

documenting a business planThe sales process is a well-defined framework that, when followed, can lead to remarkable results.

Yes, the world has changed over the decades from the travelling salesman to now having every piece of information you could ever need at the click of the mouse.

The Prospect

First thing first. You need a prospect.

What’s a prospect?

A prospect is a person or business that most likely could use your product or service.

Where do you get a prospect

Start with the big picture.

Everybody is a prospect. 

We know it is not true, but if you slowly eliminate the layers of non-prospects you are left with the possibles.

With further culling, you will have probables. 

The point is, you have a number.

Let’s say it is 100. One hundred probables who could use your product or service.

Now start reducing this list by location, size and accessibility, etc.

To do this, you need to paint a broad brush image of your ideal client.

Refine it by adding and deleting traits and characteristics until you have a reasonable picture of what your ideal client looks like. 

Now the number might be reduced to under 50 or lower. Whatever the number - this is your prospect list.

woman and a whitboardSelling is a numbers game.

Know at all times selling is a numbers game.

The Appointment

If you can’t present your product or service, then the game is over. You need to make an appointment to present your product. 

It might be one on one, or a group, like a purchasing team. Whatever it is you have to present your wares. This is the first sale you have to make. There is a hard and fast rule here and it is this:


steakSell the sizzle not the steak.

When I was mentored so many years ago, this is the part instilled in me. The appointment, not the product. Do not get sucked down the rabbit hole by trying to explain your product over the phone or online in an email.

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Making the Appointment

zoom-monitor.jpgThese days, it is perfectly acceptable and time efficient to get a time commitment for the sales presentation via Zoom.

Face-to-face is the best. But these days, it is perfectly acceptable and time efficient to get a time commitment for the sales presentation via a Zoom call.

Are you with me?

Here are some powerful phrases to attract and get the attention of the prospect.

“Mr Prospect, if I could show you how to lower your expenses and increase your net profit, would you be prepared to listen to what my product does?”

Or, another example might be, 

“If I can show you how I can increase your production and reduce overheads, would you be interested in talking further?”.

Obviously, unless Mr. Prospect is a complete moron he will say, “Of course”.

Keep expanding and editing the elevator pitch. Have many pitches to use. Move from one to the next seamlessly.

Keep what works and discard what doesn’t. Build a library of these.

This is your elevator pitch.

This is the first thing you have to do. This is the first element of how to make a sale. 

How to get an appointment by asking a closing question.

The closing question now is something like this:

“OK, I’m free Monday between 10:30 and 11:30, or would you prefer Thursday at 3:00? It will take about 20 minutes. What suits you best?”.

Sure, there will be some more questions. Again, do not get sucked in. Maintain control. Sell the appointment, not the product.

Have a few variations of the above elevator pitch. Keep trying for the appointment. If you can’t break through, then back off and offer to call back at a later date. It has been my experience you will not make a sale and you’ll waste your time. Move on to the next.

We now have a list of appointments in your calendar. This is soooo motivating. This is exciting stuff. Trust me. It is a fantastic feeling when you wake up on a Monday morning knowing you have a full calendar of sales appointments.

We have made a start to building a business. We have made appointments. 

Hopefully, many appointments. 

Remember again it is a numbers game. 

You might only have a handful of genuine sales presentations to make from the original prospect list. This is perfectly natural.

To explain the numbers game, I’m going to go with 10. You have 10 appointments to make a sales presentation to sell your product.

Stay with me. Bring it in close. By the way, if I’m preaching to the converted here you may leave. 

Next, presenting your product.

The Presentation

Sales presentationThis is where you bare all. This is where you present your product.

What is a presentation? 

This is the part where you bare all. This is where you lay it out and showcase your product. But, first, there are some rules you need to know.

NEVER start by telling the prospect about the benefits and intricacies of the product. Doesn’t matter how good you think it is or how much you believe in it. 

Instead, ask loads of questions about him or her and the business.

The first thing you do is try to establish a commonality. Establish rapport.

One of the best questions ever is, “Tell me Mr. Prospect, how did you get started in this business?” 


The Power of Listening

listening intentlyListen actively and ask relevant, empathetic questions to learn how to sell your product to your prospect.

Establishing Trust and Connectability

Imagine a potential client pouring their heart out. Sharing their story with their desires and disclosing their business issues. Listen actively and ask relevant, empathetic questions to learn how to sell your product to your prospect.

A side issue here.

It is the psychology of a sales situation to get the prospect to open up about themselves. It’s all about him/her. People love to talk about themselves. This is gold folks. Let it run. 

Sit forward. Be interested. Ask questions and expand on their answers. You are making a friend. It is hard to say no to a friend.

Over time, this will come naturally, and you will be a super salesperson. 

Building trust, connection, and commonality through attentive listening is the key to turning prospects into a sale.

Making a loyal customer and creating a positive reputation for your business. People buy from people they like and trust.

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How to make a sale using closing questions

I’m not mentoring you in how to put your presentation together other than to say make it succinct and worthy. I will give you one piece of advice that separates the superstars from all the others. Listen, just listen.

So you have put your proposition to your prospect. Now it is time to ask the closing question. This is the best part of the entire sales process. 

I want to start with what you never do. 

Never ask the prospect, “Well, do you want to buy it?” This is pure rubbish. If you ever do this, I’ll jump through the website and rip your tongue out. 

This is something you should never do.

What should you do?

I won't spill all my secrets, but I'll give you a sneak peek for reading this long page of content.

What you need to say and perfect it, is something like this: 

“Obviously, this is the total package. We can install/implement/forward/ part or the whole service at $xxx per month or we would be more than happy to start you on the part-time/monthly/phase1/short version starting at $xx per month. (Now the closing question) In your opinion, what would suit your situation best at this time?

Now, what do you do?


The first one that speaks loses.

Once this happens, you have assumed consent. Now get the paperwork done and get out.

Is this going to work all the time? No, but remember, it’s a numbers game. This exemplifies why it is essential to maintain records.

Initially, you might only close 1 or 2 out of ten or even twenty. That’s OK. You will improve by practising your presentation, improving your ideal client, perfecting your closing questions and getting referrals. 

Getting referrals is the best way to grow your business by far. 

In a later paper, I will take you through the systems to do this. Stay tuned. 

This is all psychological. It might seem manipulating, but it is not. It’s only manipulating if you are not honest and don’t believe in your product and you are only in for the money. This is fraud. It never has a future and if you have been on my site for this long, it does not apply to you.

As you develop and hone your sales skills, you’ll witness the magic of making your business fly. 

Your newfound sales skills will fuel the growth of your business without question. You will attract customers who appreciate your dedication to delivering exceptional products and services. 

With each successful sale, you’ll not only solidify your business but also inspire others to join your enterprise.

You have a sales track. A sales track you developed. 

As you progress, you will start training your very own sales staff. 

Now you are working on your business, not in the business.

working on your business budgetWork on your business not in your business.


Practice your presentation.

Always be prospecting.

Keep your score by keeping records. This is how you know if you are succeeding. You will also see what is working and what is not.

Making your first sale is a pivotal moment.

If you can do it once, you can do it a thousand times.

Nothing happens until a sale is made.

With the right mindset, enthusiasm, guidance, and determination to continuously improve, you’ll thrive as a salesperson, business owner, and mentor to others. 

And remember, it’s a numbers game.

Go you good thing.

Experience isn't the best teacher, experience is the only teacher.

cliff climber

Confidence comes from experience