Side Hustle to Make Money

Why you should start your side hustle to make money and free yourself from the job you hate. 

Learn how to set the stage for your own venture

Learn how to run a profitable business. Remember, business is business where ever you start.

angry woman"I HATE MY JOB".

It is not always prudent or wise to just up and leave your job. Yes, some folk do it and do it successfully. Believe me when I say it is scary. So starting a side hustle could be the logical thing to do. Test the water.

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Feeling uncertain, nervous, or perhaps even despondent about your current job? 

Do you hate your job?

I know exactly how that feels. If you’re dreaming of starting your own business, but finding the risk factors unnerving? Don't fret - you're not alone. This is a perfectly natural reaction. 

Many find themselves in your shoes, eager for change, but in need of a little nudge in the right direction. 

The solution?

Start a small side hustle to make money. 

stepping stonesLook upon starting a side hustle to make money as a stepping stone towards your own business.

The Gateway to the Side Hustle to Make Money

Think of it as a gateway, a stepping stone towards your own venture without risking too much. Yes, that’s right - a soft introduction to business. After all, this will be your business. What ever your business is. A product or a service it is yours. 

You will be responsible for success and failure. A business to guide you through the ups and down. A light to a brighter future.

Side hustles offer more than just a financial lift; they provide a realistic taste of what to expect when starting your own business. The day you start your side hustle to make money is not just another 'I hate my job' day, it's the day you take that leap of faith. Here's how:

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writing a business planAre you a pro at creating business plans, writing up sales presentations? Perhaps you have a flair for developing transcripts. Whatever you love to do make it a side hustle to make money.

Your Existing Skills

Use your existing skills, your natural ability. Are you a whiz at programming or a pro at graphic design? Perhaps you have a flair for writing or baking. What ever floats your boat, transforms it into your side hustles to make money. 

Make a list of your talents and see how they could be monetized. It's your first step to independence. 

A word of wisdom - if you do this, treat it as a business, a real authentic business. Just because it is a side hustle and you still have an income from your day job, treat this as a business. 

Business is business. Never forget it.

Ever done day trading of stocks and shares with a demo account and done reasonably well? You kept records, and they indicated you were making money. So you go full on with real money. The result for the vast majority is they lose. I make this point to show there is an enormous difference between playing around with side hustles and giving up your job and going out on your own. 

Keep it real. 

Keep records of everything. 

Feel the pain when things aren’t going the way you thought. 

Celebrate when you have the wins. 

Make your side hustle to make money a serious business. 

There is a case for burning your bridges and jumping in. On this page, I am giving another option, but you must treat it as a test. A test to see if you have what it takes to ride the crests and handle the troughs.

Your Comfort Zone

Taking the leapIf you want to see if this thing flies, you need to get nervous from time to time. After all, this is the real world of business.

Operate in your comfort zone. Don’t push yourself into something entirely foreign. Start with your interests. Comfort leads to confidence, and confidence is the driving force of success. Remember, this side hustle is meant to be enjoyable, not another job you despise. 

But on the other hand, step out of your comfort zone from time to time. 

Test the water. 

If you want to see if this thing flies, you need to get nervous from time to time. After all, this is the real world of business. Having an income to fall back on is good. It’s your comfort zone. What about if it went? You need to simulate these scenarios to get the feel of business in the real world.

Side Hustle to Make Money using Outsourcing

Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer pave the way to get your part-timers to do some processes for you. By outsourcing and paying the costs not only exposes you to expenses, but it is a real-time exercise in the management of staff. Even though they are temps. This is a great way to test your business skills, create systems and processes and grow.

These folks become your trusted sidekick. Using freelancers fosters flexibility, allows you to dip your toe in the real world of business at your own pace.

istockphoto-1313904539-170667a.jpegInvesting in an experienced mentor to guide you in the side hustle makes so much sense on all levels.

Invest in Yourself

Invest in a mentor. Use your side hustle as a learning curve for when the day comes to take the next step. Investing in an experienced mentor to guide you in the side hustle makes so much sense on all levels. You are going to make mistakes. This is a given. It’s how many that impact your side hustle and your mental resolve that counts. Obviously, the less the better. Having an experienced mentor on your team is a tremendous step to reducing the mistakes. 

This investment not only enhances your skills but widens your perspective as well.

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Keep Records

Measure progress, not just profits. Yes, it’s a side hustle to make money, but don’t focus solely on the dollars. It’s not about the money. Every step forward, every minor success, propels you closer to securing the confidence needed to start your own business. Make sure you keep records of everything.

bumpy roadThe road may be bumpy but remember why you embarked on it in the first place.


If you can not stick to the task, well, you might consider changing the direction. Side hustles demand grit and perseverance. But remember, every stumbling block and every challenge encountered is a valuable lesson in disguise. Embrace this journey and let it offer reassurance. The road may be bumpy but remember why you embarked on it in the first place - to break free from the shackles of a job you hate and pave the way towards the business of your dreams. Never give up on your dream. Write it out in long hand. Keep in front of you. Make it you. See it as if it has already happened.

happy woman with feet on desk‘I love my life’

Just imagine, with your side hustle, you can transition from crying ‘I hate my job’ to celebrating ‘I love my life’. Start small, dream big. You’ve got this!


This isn’t just about side hustles to make money, it’s your chance to stand up, learn, and lead. 

It’s not just a way to embrace financial freedom; it’s a way to embrace life. 


That’s okay. 

Just remember, every great journey begins with one small, brave step. Are you ready to take yours? 

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Go you good thing.

Experience isn't the best teacher, experience is the only teacher.

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Confidence comes from experience