Starting A Home Based Business

"Home Business Hustle"

Hey, future home business hustler! If you're itching to trade your work shoes for some comfortable slippers and turn your living room into an office, you have found the right place.

Hate your job then starting a home based business may well be YOUR answer to getting out of the rut.

The era we live in presents boundless opportunities and global markets. 

Your neighbors aren't just around the block anymore; they're all around the world. 

How fantastic is that?

Our focus today is, "YOU the E-commerce Enthusiast" chilling on YOUR sofa, sipping hot tea, and driving an international business, all from the comfort of YOUR cozy living room.

business from homeStarting a business from home has become an exhilarating venture for young entrepreneurs like you.

The secret sauce to starting a home based business is visualization—painting a vivid mental picture of your outstanding success.

visualizing goalsPicture your dreams and goals. See your home business with the customers flocking to your virtual doorstep from all over the planet.

Of course, that mental movie has a few surprise plot twists called "failures", but guess what? 

YOU don’t give up. Instead, YOU learn, adapt, and overcome. Cool, right?

Try fail successSuccess in business is built on learning from failure, not fearing it.

Now to another real gem – mentorship. 

The wisest of entrepreneurs say, that engaging a mentor is the best business decision they ever made. 

We agree! 

A mentor has walked the path you’re on, climbed over and through the obstacles and has come back with the map. The map specific to YOUR situation. After all, you would not attempt to tackle Mt. Everest without good preparation, a map and a guide, would you? Starting a home based business is the same thing here. You do not do it alone.

istockphoto-1313904539-170667a.jpegIt is often said, “Without a doubt, engaging a mentor in my business was the best investment I ever made”. Always lean toward experience.

Speaking of obstacles, economic downturns, global pandemics, and global financial crises can be a pain in the but, to say the least, but don't worry, you've got this! 

tough times never lastTough times never last, tough business plans do.

Within your business plan, your plan of action and business goals everything is taken care of. It has been well thought through and whatever can go wrong there is a plan B, C, D, F and so on. That’s correct, isn’t it?

Business planYour business plan is always a fluid document. It needs to be reviewed constantly not kept in a draw.

Did I hear a “not exactly?”

Well, YOU need to address this now. Get YOUR mentor/coach/guide/teacher online and fix it. Get all the contingency plans YOU can think of down on paper in YOUR trusty notebook. Work it out baby, work it out.

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You can sail through even the stormiest economic weather with, agility, and adjustments in the sails when necessary, all mapped out in the sturdy business plan. 

What, no business plan?

Stop what you are doing and start on it NOW.

You’d better read this.

You need to continually research your market to keep moving in the right direction. Keep ahead of the trends. They will change almost before your eyes. Understand what is happening. Do not wait to find out in the six o’clock news or the trade journals, search, adapt, and keep evolving. Keep on top of your business trends every day.

Know your audience like you know the lyrics to your favorite song.

Understand market trends, be prepared to pivot, and remember – YOUR  business plan is as fluid as water. Keep it that way and you will never have an issue. Whatever they throw at you. You know you can duck and weave to your advantage.

Starting a Home Based Business - Be Creative

Find smarter ways to work. Invest in efficient systems and processes

When you find the right niche, find the thing you love. Time flies by. You are in the zone. 

Doing what you love. Wow, you are in the top 5% of the population of the planet—you lucky lucky dude.

enthusiastic young woman on laptopEnthusiasm fuels the initial spark, while resilience keeps the flame burning.

There are obvious things to be aware of...


Facebook, TicToc, Instagram and other social media apps.


Remember you are at work. Treat YOUR work time as work time.


Doing the cleaning, shopping, and picking up the kids. Get help for these chores where possible. Maybe not the kids, but you get what I mean. Work around the kid pickup times.

Another advantage of starting a home based business is - you are not in a 9-5 business. Work when it is feasible. 

If this means weekends and after the kids have gone to bed, so be it. 

Scaling the business:

Do what you love.

This is so important. Keep doing what you are good at.  If you need bookkeeping done, tax filing, accounts filed, customer records imputed, websites built, or anything that needs to be done to make the business hum. You do not do these yourself. Get someone else do it for you. Outsource baby outsource. They're probably better than you at anyway. Get someone that loves doing that type of work. This is gold.

So, strap yourself in for a thrilling journey of a lifetime filled with lessons, growth, trials, triumphs, failures and good ol' caffeine! 

Remember, every setback sets you up for a comeback. 

Anything you want to know or having trouble with just ask...

I love hearing from my business community!

If there is anything questions or something you aren't clear on, you can reach out below. I'll get back to you promptly.

Thanks for taking your time.

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Starting a home based business, and having a home-based online business – it is such a pleasure to go to work.

YOUR business is supremely flexible. 

YOUR overhead costs are low. 

Work-life harmony, now that is worth everything.

YOUR business has a global reach.

Outsource what you can.

Do what you love.

Maintain your discipline to the point of selfishness.

Be alert for distractions.

Keep records constantly.

Stay eager, stay hungry. 

The world is waiting for you to shine. 

All in favor of skyrocketing home business success, say 'EY'! The EYs have it.

You’ve got this, future home entrepreneurs. Ready, set, hustle!

Go you good thing.

The world is waiting.

Experience isn't the best teacher, experience is the only teacher.

cliff climber

Confidence comes from experience