Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? Do you ever find yourself frozen in time, having spent hours in front of your computer and not being able to account for anything that you have done? 

You are procrastinating - the art of not doing the task at hand. The art of putting off today what you might do tomorrow. 

Hello! I’m talking to you. You need to listen to this. Take notes. This is in the finals!!!!

If you have found yourself spinning your wheels, it could be for a couple of reasons. Either you were trying to do too many things at once, or you were concentrating on insignificant tasks and putting off the work you really need to do. It’s called PROCRASTINATING.

Or could it be you are not interested in the task before you? 

Maybe you should check your passion. Your desire to get totally immersed in the thing you are doing. 

When you love what you are doing there is no such thing as procrastination. Never an issue.

Procrastination means you are not at your desk working on your business. Where are you? What are you doing?

If you are thinking of starting your business or have started your business and you are procrastinating doing the elementary tasks, It’s a fair assumption you are doing something you are not interested enough doing, or it is a hard task. 

Why do we procrastinate?

These are the main reasons I have identifies when mentoring business people over the years. 

The number one culprit is…drum roll please...

Not interested. Or not interested enough.

The telltale sign is so obvious. You do anything not connected to the task at hand. Why?

Not interested. 

Why are you not interested? No passion. No desire. No motivation. You don’t need me to tell you this but it is true.

How do you fix it?

Simple. Set yourself a task you are passionate about.

If it’s not related to the business then you need to reconsider why you are in this business. 

You need to change course or change the business to the one you have a passion for. 

Often, as entrepreneurs, we take on many things, and since we are only accountable to ourselves in the short-term, many times we don’t finish any of them.

When you get on your computer, what do you do first?

Do you check your e-mails, check the news, FB, and Instagram, check your messages, or answer calls? It all seems like a natural thing to do, doesn’t it? 

Unless there’s something urgent that you know is pending, all this is a waste of your best time.

You need to see it for what it is. Procrastination.

The fact is this is perfectly normal - for the normal person that is, but you’re not normal.

You are a businessperson

You are a businessperson entrepreneur. You’re getting a business off the ground. Launching your future. Building an empire. Setting up generational wealth. Following your dream. Need I go on?

Do you want to know what’s going on? 

You’re creating habits and they feel comfortable and even make you think you’re accomplishing something. How’s that been working for you?

You know you need to change. You know you do, and, as with most things in life, the change has to start with you.

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Why am I starting a business?

As entrepreneurs or freelancers, our first responsibility is to get into the right mindset. Think - someone starting a business. Ask yourself, “why am I starting a business if I procrastinate in the tasks that need to be done?”

I am telling you truthfully what I explained above. It’s all about a lack of passion and interest.

Changing your mindset

This means changing. Changing your mindset, your attitude or your business. 

Taking responsibility to deliver projects on time and to the best of our ability to your customers is part of being in business. Since we are our own bosses, prioritizing, producing, and delivering the products, are all up to us. If you haven’t the passion the get-up and go to do this basic requirement then you need to sit down with your mentor and have a brutal conversation. This is even more critical when the business is in its infancy because if we don’t STOP procrastinating, we will eventually lose clients, staff, money, time, energy and the business.  

Procrastination is a habit

Simply put, procrastination is a habit that people develop in order to avoid doing something they find unpleasant.

Watch for these markers in your day-to-day business. Above are just some of the internal issues that keep us running on the spot while accomplishing little or nothing.

Procrastinators put things off until the last minute, and this often leads to major issues. 

Creating a time management plan and sticking to it can help you reduce your procrastination tendencies. 

Evaluating what really matters most and making sure it gets done are two important factors for successful entrepreneurship startups.

It's difficult to take the first step and begin working on our goals.

I am no exception. Don’t think for one moment I am perfect. I sometimes find myself caught in a self-imposed rut where I do not want to face the tasks at hand. I have all the excuses in the world. We are all human. I can think of a million reasons I should start today, but I put it off. I keep telling myself that I will get it done tomorrow, the next day, or the day after.

Chunky Chievers

For me, it is never about a lack of passion. I identified that part early on. With me, it is usually a shift in priorities that creates procrastination. Then I find I need to re-establish my priorities and my ‘chunky chievers’ to get back to doing what is the most important thing to do right now. 

I have figured it out. I become aware I am procrastinating and I call it out for what it is. This is the first thing you need to do. Be aware. Do not come up with excuses.

If I find I am putting off what I know needs to be done, I immediately recognize it. It is all to do with my mindset. I change my mindset so that I am more likely to take the first step and begin working on my tasks.

I know what I need to do to take the first step if I want to overcome my procrastination. 

Anything you want to know or having trouble with just ask...

I love hearing from my business community!

If there are any questions or something you aren't clear on, you can reach out below. I'll get back to you promptly.

Thanks for taking your time.

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Recognize it.

I have determined that the key to overcoming my procrastination is to work on it one step at a time.

Next, I set timetables for myself using my ‘chunky chievers’ method and make sure I am working on my priorities according to my goals. 

Diarize it.

I use my smartphone to do this by entering a reminder with a time and date. I’m an iPhone user so the Reminder app is my go-to. I’m sure other smartphones have similar apps.

I then prioritize my tasks and make sure that I am working on the most important ones first.

And finally, can I stress, be vigilant about this process. It will become a habit. A good habit.


Check if you are still passionate about the business. 

Change your mindset.

See procrastination for what it is and work through it.

Use my ‘chunky chievers’ method.

Set up a reminder app to help in the process.

Set up reminders

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