Secret To Achieving Goals

The secret to achieving goals is what I call ‘Chunky Chievers’. Start with the big picture and then you break it down into little bite-size pieces you can achieve in a short time frame with ease.

This is how you do it

The start of a plan of action to create “chunky chievers” is easy to do.

Let’s say your short-term goal in the next 30 days is to hire a PA.

Take a clean page in your notebook and start listing all the things you think you need to do to achieve this goal. Break it down into as many tiny pieces as you can.

Here’s an example.

Put an advertisement in the local paper.

Write a description of the job

Work out the hours of employment

Full-time or part-time

The rate you are prepared to pay per hour.

Applicants qualification 

Ideal age

Male or female

Now number these chunks in order of priority.

6. Put an advertisement in the local paper (next Monday)

1. Write a description of the job (this morning before 9)

2a. Work out the hours of employment (this morning by 10)

3. Full-time or part-time (this morning by 10:10)

2b. the rate you are prepared to pay per hour (this morning by 10:20).

5. Applicants’ qualification (tomorrow). 

4a. Ideal age (this afternoon by 5).

4b. Male or female (this afternoon by 5).

As you can see, some chunky’s have the same priority. That’s Ok. Get the picture?

Write all the business goals in long hand in a notebook. Don't type them into a computer, yet. This is powerful stuff.

This is a simple little exercise. Start with thinking about what short-term goal you want to achieve to start your business and chunk it. It might have a longer time frame like maybe a month.

Try building a spreadsheet ( I use Google Sheets) with the priorities and deadlines. Program this to come up in your reminders every day.

This way you can work on other areas of your business having confidence the technology will tell you when you need to activate your goal-setting process. This is a small goal. You have just discovered the secret to achieving goals.

Over a brief period, if you do this exercise every day you will get very good at it. Have faith that this is leading to you building a successful business.

Remember cinch by the inch, hard by the yard.

Keep this little ditty foremost in your mind.

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Secret to achieving goals is one chunk at a time

Secret to achieving goals is to take it one chunk at a time. Make that chunk a goal. Write it down as you would do with any goal. It makes no difference if it’s a short-term goal or a long-term goal. This is part of your goal-setting process. Write it down, timestamp it and achieve it. WOW, how do you feel? You have achieved a tiny goal, to the letter, just how you visualized it, on time. Tick the goddam box. Hallelujah bro’.

Now if you can do this once you can do this a million times. You have just created a plan of action and chunked it, nailed it. Go, you good thing.

This is what I call “chunky chievers” I break all goals down into “chunky chievers” and all “chunky chievers” are part of an action plan. This is the secret to achieving goals.

The tip is before you attempt anything, always sit down and do this exercise. Write it out, go through prioritizing and then write the “chunky chiever” as a goal as I’ve described, then work on the plan.

This is so dumb it’s ridiculous. But it works. Never give up on this.

Image. 20% of time invested in detailed planning counts for 80% of successful results.

Planning will achieve the results

20% of the time spent on planning will achieve 80% of the results, guaranteed. Scientifically proven. So don’t procrastinate. 

Just do it.

Experience isn't the best teacher,
it's the only teacher

Confidence comes with experience