The Great Resignation 

The great resignation. Have you heard  about it?

The great resignation was always bubbling around close to the surface, but with the recent global pandemic and lockdowns all over the world employees were recommended to work from home.

Most liked the idea, and with the advent of zoom no productivity was lost generally speaking.

zoom-monitor.jpgZoom meetings. Sometimes boring but a great process for employees to communicate without a head office presence.

Now things are somewhat back to normal. Many employees have decided they like working from home. What's not to like, no time consuming commuting, no dressing up, no stress. In many cases productivity actually increased. If they hated their job before then then they might be warming to it when working from home.

The great resignation has given an opportunity for some to move out of the cities to the country for a better lifestyle. In some instances some moved overseas for a less expensive lifestyle.

Then as things slowly got back to somewhat normal, many were instructed to come back into the office.

Some liked the lifestyle of working off-site and decided to challenge the management or resign to get a better job with a higher salary with the option to keep working from home.

There were others who took on the employers for a pay rise.

And others decided to change jobs or start their own business.

This is dedicated to those who want to stay and negotiate a pay rise...

...and those who feel they could go it alone. Start their own business

This part is for the guys who accepted to come back on site and not be a party to the great resignation but went on to negotiate a pay increase. I’m going to show you a simple mental exercise that could change your life, I kid you not. 

This is scientifically proven to work and has worked over centuries.

But think, and think you must. Then think again. 

The logical place to start is at the beginning, right?. 


The correct place to start is at the end.

Yes! Start at the finishing post and work back.


If you want to know how it starts then think how you would like it to end, then work out the steps starting from the end result.

If you want a pay rise instead of being part of the great resignation, start with the end amount. If the end amount is an extra $10,000 per year, mark this down as the end result. It's not rocket science.

Now ask yourself these questions:

Keep the records. Mark off the tasks. This is a good habit.


Why do you want a pay rise?

Why don’t you have it now?


When do you want it?

When would be the last possible time you could have it?



How are you going to ask for it? 

How are you going to plan a presentation?

How will you respond to any pushback?

How are you going to initiate the request?

How are you going to feel when you get it?



What questions are you going to ask?

What are you going to say to open the discussion? 



Who are you going to direct the enquiry to?

Who is the right person to speak to?



Collaborate with the people who matter. The people you trust.

Now you have a vision of what might happen because you have seen the end result. You are now better prepared than you were before by a country mile.

There is no guarantee you are going to achieve the goal but you have given it every opportunity of success.

This is just one example of the exercise to see the end before the start.

If you adopt this process throughout your goal setting then you will develop in a way you’d never thought possible.  

 In conclusion, try it. Learn from it. Try again, and again, and again. Keep modifying the process until you see a pattern of success then tweak it when necessary.

The great resignation uncovered opportunities to start your business. 

What about the guys who think they can do it themselves?

You know who you are. You are the ones who have the yearning deep down in your gut you can take this on and start your own business. The great resignation phenomena has pushed them into considering taking control of their future.

You can control your destiny. No discussing pay-rises or negotiating better conditions. No, you are the guys saying, “I’ve had enough and I will not take it anymore.

The hour of power has come.

Resign and take it on. Start your own business.

Whoa, man! Hold on. What are you thinking?

Can you start a business? Have you got what it takes?

Where do you start?

I will show you where to start

You start with passion. Passion so much it burns in you. This is where you start.

If you have the passion, you have a chance. 

Now what I want you to do is find your natural ability. What is your natural ability?

I don’t know, but you better know. The thing is, everybody has a natural ability. Go away take a deep breath and work out what it is. This page will give you the best insight into getting an answer.

When you have it clearly defined, then the next step is to evaluate how to turn it into a business. A business with a better than 50% chance to succeed. After all, most businesses fail in the first year. Statistically, 90% of business startups fail in the first year. Fact. Look it up.

Then you better come up with a plan to see it  doesn’t happen to your startup. 

I do not want to paint a rosy picture for you, but you will need to have a great desire to succeed and an unshakeable sense of purpose. I have seen it time and time again. All the enthusiasm all the passion, and still they fail. I know why. I’m not giving away the secret yet. But I can tell you this, it is all doable. You can start your business with hope as long as you have all the ducks in a row.

An experienced mentor will guide you through the process. By using a mentor you will quickly know if being self-employed and starting a business is for you.

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I hope this has given some insight into what to expect. If you are still determined and the desire burns within then act. Sign up for my newsletter. Make contact, and I will get you started. 

This could be a pivotal moment in your life even generational. Leaving a legacy for the next generation is inspiring.

I will leave you with another fact. Self-employed business owners create wealth and security at a level employed workers only dream about. All the failures, trials and tribulations will be worth it. This is part of the deal. It gets hot in the kitchen, be prepared. I will mentor you in how to handle this.

There is a way and the best way is using the services of a mentor. It doesn’t have to be me. It has to be someone. Choose wisely.

Experience isn't the best teacher, experience is the only teacher.

Confidence comes from experience