I will show you how to start your business plan and build the processes it takes to create a successful business.

If you don't have a business plan, a direction for your business how long would it be before your staff told you to take your job and shove it?

Chaos would prevail. Right?

You’d be running around like a chook with its head cut off. It is just not perceivable is it? Or is it?

Crying womanChaos, stress, despair. This can all change with help creating a business plan using a mentor. Get serious. Seek out a grey-haired mentor today.

How to start your business plan of action

A plan of action to start your business, we all agree, is something obvious and the start of a plan of action is, well, the start. Right? So open a clean page in your notebook, list all the things you need to get done, things to attend to, things to get rid of then number them in order of some sort of process and priority.

For example:-

1. I need to hire a PA.

2. I need to lease some space.

3. Contact a leasing agent.

4. Advertise for a salesperson.

5. Get a computer

6. Search for an account and an attorney.

7. Invest time with Mentoraus. :-)

When you have exhausted your thoughts, re-number them in an order of what you think comes first, then reorganize the priority.

#1 Invest time with Mentoraus

#2. Get a Computer.

#3. Contact a leasing agent.

#4. I need to lease some space.

#5. I need to hire a PA.

#6. Advertise for a salesperson.

#7. Search for an account and an attorney.

2 people analyzing goalsIt all falls into place when you collaborate. The best collaborator is a mentor.

Now you have the bones of a plan of action.

Remember ‘cinch by the inch, hard by the yard’. Keep this little saying foremost in your mind and take it one step at a time. This little step forms a tiny goal, which is part of your bigger goal.

Write it down.

Timestamp it.

Achieve it.

WOW, how do you feel?

You have learnt how to start your business start your business

You have achieved the goal, as planned, on time, just how you visualized. Tick the goddam box. Hallelujah bro’.

If you can do this once, you can do this a million times. You have just created a plan of action and chunked it, nailed it. Go, you good thing.

This is what I call ​“chunky cheivers” exclusive to Mentoraus​. Think about breaking all goals down into ​“chunky cheivers”​. All​ “chunky cheivers”​ are part of an overall action plan.

This sounds ridiculous, but it actually works, so never give up on this.

Confidence comes with experience

Experience isn't the best teacher...It's the only teacher.