Self discipline

Self discipline - an art-form or natural ability?

Is it something we can learn?

Is self discipline self-taught? Can you coach self discipline?

Self discipline let's discuss it.

If you don’t have the self discipline to do something - will you do it?

If you needed to answer to someone to record your result would you do it?

If you're instructed to perform and achieve performance indicators. Would you do it?

If you did not have a supervisor and you had to complete a task at a specific time, would you do it?

Only you can answer these questions. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

 Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a young guy, let’s call him Jimmy!

Jimmy wanted to be a champion sportsman. Yes, Jimmy had natural ability, as in very good coordination and above-average balance. When he ran you couldn’t help notice how smooth and effortless it seemed. This was not enough to get him onto the track and field team.

He had a set of exercises and performance indicators to achieve. Over the next 12 months, this was his task to get to the next level. To get him to the selection panel.

Jimmy vowed to train and achieve the performance indicators to get into the team.  

He got up early every morning. Completed the training exercises and fitness drills.

 He was improving.

Then the season changed.

Every morning it got a little colder, a little darker outside and his bed got a little warmer.

He started to miss a few mornings. Then a few more.

He justified his actions with well thought out excuses.

The season changed. Warmer mornings. Earlier sunrises.

But it was too late for Jimmy.

He found it hard to get to the next level. He tried to do double workouts to spend more time on the drills. This only resulted in putting more undue pressure on his muscles and joints. He started to use fatigue as an excuse to miss more training sessions due to injuries.

Finally, he gave up and promised to take some time off and try again next year.

Next year never came. He was too old and life started to get in the way.

Jimmy never aspired to the un-tapped talent and champion he could have been.


We all know a ‘Jimmy’.

It’s someone close to you.

 Jimmy failed. Why?

 Lack of self-discipline.

 How can you fix this?

A mentor can be a tremendous help.

Experience isn't the best teacher...It's the only teacher.