Why Sleep Matters

As a mentor I’m often asked why sleep matters when starting a business. What has this got to do with starting a business? What is so important about getting enough sleep?

sleeping manThe magic of sleep is medicinal and healthy for the body and mind.

I will show you how and why sleep matters, and the process needed to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Starting a business

If you are starting a business, sleep is an area not taken too seriously if, in fact, rarely ever thought about.

However, if you get this right from the start, you won’t need to think much more about it.

Not only does sleep matter to the businessperson, but everyone should learn the benefits of adequate sleep. From kids to grandparents.

tired and stressed manLack of sleep, overworked and anxiety cause stress.

When you are starting a business, inadequate sleep and relaxation increase stress on your body and mind. Fact. Or should I reverse it and say increased stress in your business causes inadequate sleep and relaxation? Either way, sleep is a factor and you need to give it the attention it deserves.

Understanding this and getting it under control from the get-go is essential.

Of course, there are other elements for your well-being and energy apart from getting enough sleep. 

I know most of you will not put much emphasis on sleep. It’s your decision. I can only point out what happened to me and many entrepreneurs during the startup phase and how I turned it around through some simple exercises. 

Real time experience

A few years ago, I was asked to mentor a guy who had recently started a business in the beauty care industry. He seemed a bit strung out and unattentive in our one-on-one. Well, he sort of was there, but not there, if you know what I mean. He was not listening. He was nodding his head as an acknowledgement of what I was saying, but when I asked him for feedback, he didn’t quite nail it. I went through it again and slowly he gave me what I was looking for.

I probed with more questions to get an idea of what his average day looked like. It slowly unfolded he was working 12 to 15 hours a day 7 days a week. He had no immediate family, so his time had no limits.

After evaluating his average day, it was obvious it was a typical entrepreneur’s business psyche of all work and no play. 

The remedy was simple. With his consent, I did a thorough analysis of his personal and business life. 

I analyzing his financials and his production levels and measuring them against his business plan. 

I found nothing matched. 

His goal didn’t fit his actuals and his production goal did not come close to his true output.

2 people analyzing goalsFind the cause find the solution.

I then analyzed his personal goals and found they were not in any way realistic. “No shit Sherlock”. This is no way abnormal. In fact, it has been my experience this is a totally normal situation for an entrepreneur starting a business. All things are fixed by working harder. Working more hours. Not. 

Here is what I did!

I demanded he finish work at 6pm every day. Then to have fresh food for dinner. No processed food if he can help it. No alcohol.

I suggested he talk to his health care advisor for a course of vitamins. 

I demanded he does not start reading or sending emails until he is in the office and the start time to be 8:30 am at the earliest.

Then I got him to understand why sleep matters. I got him to make a goal of being in bed every night by 10pm, 10:30 at the latest.

I instructed him how to get adequate sleep by using this method. I taught him a breathing technique guaranteed to get him to sleep in no time flat.

Here is the technique 

Get completely relaxed or at least comfortable in bed by laying on your back.

man in bedGet comfortable and take a deep breath.

Take a couple of deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Now here is the magic stuff. By the way, this is not something I made up. I discovered this sometime ago. I have been doing it every night for years and recommended it to my clients often.

Staying relaxed - take the biggest breath you can in 4 seconds.

Hold it for 7 seconds.

Slowly exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

Do this 3 times.

Then before you turn over to go to sleep, take another 1 or 2 deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth.

enjoying a great night's sleepControl the stress. Enjoy a great night's sleep.

Enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Stick with it. It will work. Don’t give up on this technique.

When you wake in the morning, do a big breath in through the nose out through the mouth. It is time to rise.

There you have the sleep technique. Will it instantly relieve stress and anxiety? No. But it will help. It will be life changing.

Why sleep matters in all areas of your life

Sleep matters in several beneficial areas of your life. I don’t want to give advice as to your personal health, but your business health will grow exponentially with every night’s sleep you have where you actually sleep at least 7-8 hours. Google ‘benefits of getting 8 hours sleep’ and see for yourself how it benefits you.

If you are tired, listless, unattentive, irritable, short-tempered, it’s a good bet you are not getting enough sleep.

This is why sleep matters so much. Change your bedtime routine. Change your night time eating and drinking habits. It will make a huge different, trust me. In the end, what have you got to lose? Nothing. Everything to gain.

It takes discipline. It means you change your goals to represent a realistic target for your output and production. 

All this is just because you have learnt a technique to breathe before going to sleep.

Keep records

If you have been a reader of my site for sometime, you will know how adamant I am about keeping records. You will never discover how well you are growing and working toward creating a successful business with as little stress as possible if you do not record your progress. Don’t think for one moment you will never be stressed, because you will. It’s how you react to the issue that matters.

keeping recordsKeeping records is essential. It matters not which system you use. Just keep records of your progress.

What makes the difference?


Of course, this is a general discussion, and everyone is different. 

However, I can tell you this: every entrepreneur has the same issues with getting enough sleep. It is the nature of the beast. 

Work hard and all will be OK. 


It is never the answer. 

It is mis-guided information to say hard work will fix everything.

Work smarter, not harder is the answer. Getting enough sleep is the answer. It is why sleep matters is part of the smart option.

Working on your business not in your business, is even better. The faster you can get here the better your business. The better your chances of succeeding.


Stress is hard not to get, but it can be controlled by getting adequate sleep. This is why sleep matters.

How much sleep you need is your call. I’d work on at least 7 hours a night.

Look after your sleep time and it will pay dividends in everything you do in business and in your personal life.

The value of sleep in the modern era is just scratching the surface. There is a much scientific research going into the value of adequate sleep. 

By keeping records you will have your own research and will see what your unique results are.

Practice the breathing technique every night. You will be amazed at the results. 

Be diligent about the hours you work. 

Work smarter not harder. Start thinking about outsourcing menial tasks.

Get involved with a mentor to guide you in all the techniques of conquering stress. All the systems and processes of making you more productive.

More productivity with efficiency means more net profit.

Get back to why you started a business. Regain your passion. Learn to relax.

Don’t sweat the hard stuff. Delegate.

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